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Volunteer Signup Instructions and Role Descriptions

How to Register to Volunteer at a Meet:

Log in to the website. Login is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you can’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset your password.

Under the Meets & Events tab, select "Signup Calendar" to sign up for a swim meet; (note one parent may sign up both parents for jobs -- scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). Click Save Assignments. Click back to Signup Calendar.

Volunteer Positions

  • Referee
    • In charge of the meet. Reviews all DQ slips and paces the meet along with the Starter. You MUST have at least two years experience being a Stroke and Turn judge AND have attended the Ref and Starter training clinic given by the Greater Forsyth Swim League (GFSL).
  • Starter
    • Runs the meet along with the Referee; responsible for announcing and starting events, calling back heats for false starts. You MUST have at least two years experience being a Stroke and Turn judge AND have attended the Ref and Starter training clinic given by the GFSL.
  • Stroke and Turn Judge
    • Responsible for monitoring their "jurisdiction" of the pool for start, stroke, turn or finish infractions; fills out DQ slips and gives to Runner to be taken to Referee. You MUST attend one of the multiple Stroke and Turn training clinics offered by the GFSL. 
  • Timer
    • Operates a stopwatch to time each event; records times on sheet provided and gives to Runner to be taken to Score Keeper.
  • Score Keeper
    • Enters times for each swimmer from each event into a computer.
  • Runner
    • Watches Stroke and Turn Judges for their "hand-up" signal that an infraction has occurred; collects DQ slips and brings them to the Referee. Monitors Timers for their event sheet to be completed and brings that sheet to the Score Keeper.
  • Ribbon Writer
    • Collects ribbon labels from coaching staff after each meet; labels appropriate ribbons and brings them back to Grandview to be given out at the next practice.
  • Concessions
    • Assists with set-up and clean-up of concessions area; takes money and returns change; makes sure an adequate supply of necessary foods, sides and drinks are available for people to purchase. 
  • Concession Items
    • There are items we need purchased for selling at our home meets for our concession meal deal, which is a large part of our fundraising effort for the season!

  • Water Hospitality
    • Circles the pool deck approximately every 15 minutes (more frequently on very hot days) to offer other volunteers water. 
  • Gator Wrangler
    • Wrangles Gators and lines them up for their events; otherwise known as the Clerk of Course.
  • Traffic 
    • Sets up traffic cones across the street along our neighbor's property to prevent people from parking there; directs incoming vehicles on where and how to properly park.

Swimmer Declaration

  • Click the green MEET ENTRY tab, and then click the green Edit tab under your athletes' names.
  • For each of your athletes, select an option from the drop down list next to their names.
    • (undeclared) 
    • Attending
    • Not Attending
  • Specify your swimmer's availability for relays from the drop down options (if offered). 
  • Click Save to record your choices.

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