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Practice Policies

Basic Rules

  • Coaches are in charge. Parents and spectators are not to interfere with coaches or swimmers during practices or swim meets. If a parent has an issue that needs addressing, please speak with the swim team chairperson. Parents are absolutely NOT to video/audio record coaches or other minor swimmers during practice or meets without their express permission and the express permission of their parent(s). Parents in violation of this rule will immediately be asked to leave the pool deck.
  • Swimmers are to be RESPECTFUL AT ALL TIMES to all of the coaching staff, parent volunteers, everyone on the other team and all spectators. The Golden Rule is in full effect.
  • Swimmers are encouraged but not required to attend every single practice.

Parent / Spectator Expectations

  • Again, coaches are in charge. Parents and spectators are to refrain from "side line coaching". Swimmers should be encouraged to focus on what their coach is instructing them, not being distracted by a well-meaning adult who is not on our paid coaching staff.
  • Parents and spectators are also expected to abide by the Golden Rule at all times. You should remain respectful and supportive of our swimmers, volunteers and coaching staff at all times.
  • This is summer league swimming. The swimmers on our team will run the gamut from those who have never swam competitively before to those who will be swimming for a collegiate team. Swimmers will improve tremendously over the season thanks to their own hard work and the hard work of our coaches. That being said, please do not expect your swimmer to receive constant or regular one-on-one time with coaches. There are many swimmers in the pool during practices. It is not common for coaches to be in the water during practices. Coaching happens from the pool deck, not from in the water. Coaches are not able to change the timeline of their practice strategy to accommodate swimmers who need more attention. If your swimmer needs additional one-on-one time with a coach, please reach out to the swim team chairperson or that coach after practice to discuss the possibility of private lessons.
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